My experience from escort Israel and comparing between the different kinds of escort you can find in there

As a guy who likes to enjoy, I found myself, like with many other things, feeling addicted. Every time I need something stronger, something better. It doesn’t matter if it is drinking we are talking about, smoking, extreme sport or even the time I tried to learn the bible. I am doing it extreme. I want to get deeper and deeper in everything I do, to reach new highs, and to control anything happening around me. No one will fool me, I will always have the best goods, and I will always share it with my good friends. Right, it's not ideal, but I learned to live like that, it's part of me. Even when I learned to my first degree, I did my best to be excellent, and when I didn’t manage to do it (I was close though), I decided to pass on my second degree for a while. There is nothing to do with it. It's like a disease, and I got all the symptoms. It is true even for now, when I stopped going out to the best pubs, and started to have fun in other ways – and then I got to know the variety of the services with escort Israel area. For the first time it was horrifying, but I knew I got nothing to lose, and I started to learn.

How was my first time inviting escort Israel, and why I was so disappointed

About a year ago I decided to invite Israel escort service for the first time. It was always seems to me like a surreal experience, like being with whore. I must say that at the first time, it felt exactly like that. I invited an escort girl for a small room in a motel near the beach that I rented for two hours. I kind of wanted to disappoint, but on the other hand, I wanted to be surprised. I wanted something like "pretty woman", but I end up finding myself with an ugly woman. I invited girl with 250 shekels. Blonde, pretty, with big breast, I didn’t expect that. The girl that came looked like an average escort lady, and came to cum and to go. I decided to move ahead from this bitter-sweet experience and from that day I always inviting exclusive Israeli escort service.

Since the first time, some things are definitely going much better.

Since that time, I was inviting exclusive Israel escorts so many times I can't count. And the price accordingly – starting with 500 -600 shekels and to 4 digits easy. And the girls are just going up and up with their classes, and so is the service. Instead of getting a bunch of lies on the phone, I'm getting the real deal, the exact hour I wanted, no delays, and even a nicely dressed girl. This Is a better experience for sure.